Five Strategies to Overcome Writing Struggles

I’m stuck on repeat like the Twilight Zone. Screw you, Mr. Groundhog! Every time I reach out for my goals in front of me they get pulled further from my grasp.

It’s high school graduation day. I’m driving my wheelchair through the huge checker’s board of Warriors red. My back is sweating and throat is constricting. I see lots of smiles around me. The excitement is building. A deep sense of dread consumes me.

The mind starts racing. A strong force holds back the words deep within our heart. Writing is our greatest joy. Yet, the words stop flowing. There are a few strategies that can help get our writing groove back.

Storm in Slovakia Mountains


1. Calm the raging storm within


Anxiety starts getting a tighter grip on you. We’re surfing the web instead of writing. The perfectionist mindset takes over. No word is good enough.

Deja vu fears play into our fear of missing out like a bloodthirsty vampire. Your life is not as exciting as your friend’s life. Try swimming with the sharks minus the cage.

The false sense of urgency is a sign of twisted priorities. That TV show can wait. The crazy, homicidal bitch in the water well can crawl out through your TV any minute. Limit your time on the TV and the Web to fight the anxiety.

What activities awaken your soul and calm your mind?

That’s reading and writing for me. Choose the activity that fills your heart with a sense of purpose and brings your life meaning.

You are right where you need to be. Any routine that keeps your pen moving is a gift. Don’t ever give your passion the backseat.


2. Bare your heart until it hurts


Tear open your heart to find the truth on the page. Fear must be challenged. Your potential shines brighter every step you take through the fear. Pain from your past can come back for vengeance like a Japanese horror flick.

Writing through the pain breathes new life into your writing. Pain is the greatest motivator to become the hero of our story. The world is waiting for our story.

Writing is an amazing life compass that helps navigate through life’s obstacles. Our inner battle rages on so we can become a light within the darkness. It’s on the precipice of despair when we discover our incredible strength within.


3. Follow through with the idea


How many times have you written about an idea only to question its quality?

It happens to me many times. The writing stops flowing and the deadline falls through. Perfectionism is a silent assassin that strikes without mercy. It breaks down your confidence until your writing loses the passionate fire. All ideas start to look like failures.

Give your heart the freedom to write whatever comes to mind. Experiment with the words. Follow through with the idea and let it develop on the page without interference. Every word you write matters.

Embrace the adventure without the destination in mind. Your instincts will prevail in the end. A rough idea is a blessing in disguise. The perfect idea is an unexpected outcome.

Trust your instincts and watch your writing confidence soar. Our fears have no power over us when we trust in our abilities. Creativity thrives when we allow our instincts lead us.


4. Free write to fight doubt


Does planning ever create further doubt in your writing abilities?

My mind races like a Formula 1 racecar until the tires spin off their axles. Put aside the outline when the writing stops flowing. A cluttered mind loves to obsess over the details. A plan fuels my obsession with the details. When you get lost in the jungle of words, free write. Let your creativity run wild in any direction it desires. You can go back to the outline the next day.


5. Stop trying to bend time to your will


You cannot be The Flash.

It would be amazing to never have to fight the clock, wouldn’t it?

A deadline is not your enemy. Time doesn’t move slow or fast. It’s our mind telling us where our focus lies. I’m usually stuck in my own head looking for an escape route.

Let the deadline become your greatest motivation. We all want our best ideas to come to us all at once when we want them to.

Cherish the small victories. The writing will come together in the end. When deadlines slip away, our confidence takes a huge hit. Stick to the deadline to build your confidence back up.

What does your battle plan look like to fight your writing fears? Share in the comments.



How Rejection Can Unleash Our Warrior Spirit

I met a young woman we’ll call Natalie on an online dating site. We seemed to hit it off well. Our conversations over text messages and phone calls went smooth and we shared a lot of laughs. It appeared that we made a strong connection.

We decided to meet up at a local brewery in Lakewood, California. Meeting in person after getting to know a person over the phone and through text messages is scary.

Will she look like who I expect? Will we like each other?

A woman sitting alone

I roll up through the front door in my wheelchair. A rough, tipsy looking dude with a shaggy beard is sitting at a picnic table. Oh man, I better get past this dude quick before he goes crazy on me.

A bench seat blocks my path but it’s no match for my tank. I push it aside and drive towards the front of the place.

I hear a young woman call out, “Hey, Robbie! Over here!”

I turn my chair towards the voice. I see a cute, brunette in a short, black, pink flowered dress sitting next to a guy at a picnic table. Oh no, this can’t be good. She brought a friend.

“Hey, Robbie. How are you? This is Richard. He’s helping me pick out some beer,” says Natalie.

A surge of relief flows through me.

We shared some laughs and good conversation. Topics ranged from how my writing is going to what I thought of her pictures on the dating site.

Natalie’s expressive auburn eyes, pink nails, and large, pink glasses captivated me.

I love the way she squeezes my shoulder when she’s teasing me. And how her fingers brush across my lips as she puts popcorn into my mouth. My heart skips a beat.

The date ends as I roll with her to her car and we share a few kisses. My take is that the date went well.

The next night, I get the dreaded text: “I have to ask you something…” Uh oh! Here it comes. It’s the end.

“I am overwhelmed by you and your strength. I broke down and cried for a while in my car due to the circumstances you face on a daily basis,” she says, burying the hatchet.

Dating is a complicated matter when you have a physical disability. It’s hard for somebody to relate to and deal with sometimes.

Rejection has taught me three valuable life lessons:

1. Rejection builds resilience

The interview for your dream job that you’ve prepared months slips through your fingers. The boss won’t give you that raise. The person you’re dating can’t accept you the way you are.

Rejection constricts your heart until your heart is about to implode. It allows us to unleash our warrior spirit to find better opportunities and relationships.

Knock down the barriers that limit your mindset. Our mind is more powerful than we could ever imagine. Don’t cling to the fear of uncertainty.

Fear is the call to never back down from a challenge.

Rare gems aren’t easy to come by. Look beyond a person’s imperfections to find the beauty within their heart.

You must take a chance to find love and reach your dreams.

Opportunities present themselves when we least expect them to.

The best opportunities are the ones with an uncertain destination.

Stay positive and determined. The beauty you’ll discover will amaze you.

2. Express what’s on your heart without fear

Having a big heart is the best trait to have. It’s the best gauge of our character. It allows us to become a better person. Caring for others isn’t shameful but honorable.

Never be afraid to express yourself to others. You can show vulnerability without looking weak or lacking confidence.

Become more open and honest with yourself and others. That’s how we learn who our real friends are. Don’t wear a mask. You do make a make difference. People need your strength.

Risking heartache is always worth it. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise.

Heartache teaches us a lot about how to fight our insecurities and learn how our mind works.

3. Patience is our greatest ally

Take your time. It will build your confidence. Don’t ever take shortcuts in the dating world.

Don’t over complicate things. Emotions are already churning at a high pace. Give love a chance to build.

What do we have to lose?

It’s easy to get into rush mode where our conversations will suffer.

Rejection teaches us to notice what’s important in life. And, patient with ourselves and others.

Never jump to conclusions or make assumptions. Get familiar with your intuition. Your first instinct is usually the best one.

Don’t break your code of principles because it will backfire on you. Rejection cuts deeper when we go against ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to stay in your element on the first few dates.

What are some important lessons you learned about rejection? Share in the comments.


How To Awaken Imagination to Kick Ass In Life

The 2017 American election year has shown how we are getting caught up in the turmoil around us. The uproar of anger and violence has further divided us as a country. Life is too short to fall into the trap of negative emotion. There is a better way. You can use all that energy to make a greater, positive  impact in the world. This world needs a leader like you to show others the way.
Coloring Book for Adults

Narrow the focus to life’s essence

It’s now more important than ever to awaken our imaginations from childhood. That’s how come back together to lead a kick ass life.

 Do you remember how you wanted to be superhero as a kid?
I wanted to be batman and G.I. Joe. Our imaginations as kids run wild. Nothing could crush our dreams. We aren’t afraid to be who we are. Running around in my birthday suit as a child didn’t bother me the slightest. We didn’t care what other people thought of us.
As we get older, we start to put the opinions of others in high regard. Many times the opinions of others determine our own worth.

Let your imagination guide you

We weren’t afraid to explore where our imagination took as kids. We created artwork of funny looking stick figures and a chaos of color. Nothing could stop us from doing what we love.
The creativity within our soul has been there since childhood. It’s our job to unleash this passion within our bones. Pour your heart and soul into your life’s work.
Free our minds to explore where our imagination takes us. Let go of the negative emotions. Allow your imagination to carry you in unexpected directions. Creativity inspires us when we least expect it.

Focus on the passion

Kids are the greatest at staying focused on the moment. They hyper focus with a smile on their face. I could play Nintendo for hours without worry or stress interfering with the task.
Focusing on the moment is a battle of creative momentum. Doubt creates an untamable beast of procrastination. It restricts our creative process. Deadlines take a death knell when we doubt ourselves.
Trust every step and the beauty will shine through. Let your instincts be your guide.

Question with determination

We were curious about the world around us as kids. Curiosity drove us to question with unrelenting power. We grasped the incredible power of ‘why’ with our whole heart.
As adults, we prefer to stay in our comfort zones and stop asking questions. It’s not worth our time. It’s easier to believe that we have everything figured out. We don’t appreciate people challenging our beliefs. We don’t want to be wrong. It takes courage to admit that we don’t have all the answers.
Our perceptions feed off fear and a closed mind. Perception takes over the moment we stop asking questions. There is intense freedom in a simple question: What facts are missing? The greatest lies have some truth added to the mix to deceive you. Perception is the enemy of truth and imagination.
To defeat perception, put your mind through a daily bootcamp:
  • Don’t be quick to accept a truth. You may hear or read something that supports your beliefs. Be sure it’s accurate information. Truth doesn’t always present itself on a silver platter. We must search and uncover it.
  • Read on a topic you’re unfamiliar with. The goal is to spark our curiosity about a variety of topics that we may disagree with. This will lead us to pushing our mind to it’s limits to gain wisdom. Search for knowledge in history, facts, and the great minds of the past.
  • Get your news from a variety of sources. Many of us watch or read the news from one or a few sources that we trust. Validation of our beliefs is awesome. Be skeptical of news with a strong bias towards a certain set of beliefs. Make sure you’re getting the facts, not nonsense.

Reach the core of their heart

We had friends from many different backgrounds as kids. Ethnicity or economic class didn’t play a part in the friendship. We loved them as equals.
As we get older, we want to fit in and conform to social standards of those we surround ourselves with. We start to judge others and put everyone in a box. Our differences are no longer celebrated.

Connect through our experiences

Our connection to others is life’s greatest gift. Let’s stop judging one another for our differences. Let’s focus on loving one another with our entire being.
It’s nice to have conversations about our common interests and weekend plans with others. It takes a lot of effort to peel back a person’s layers to understand who they are on a deep level.
It’s scary to share our deep rooted fears and painful experiences from the past. But…it’s worth it. Vulnerability is a powerful uniting force.
Finding the points where our stories intersect strengthens our bond. This leads us to listen more without judgement and talk less.
Let’s take a journey to explore life’s questions together.
How has your childhood influenced the person you’ve become? Share in the comments.