Writing Declaration: Embrace the Perfect Chaos

I’m overwhelmed by the details, the incomplete memories, structure, and quality. The outline is great right now. Let the story flow and words fill the page. The map won’t be as clear as you want it. The scenes, dialogue, narration, and memories will come together as you complete each draft. It’s time to stop making excuses and finish the first draft.

Paper cutouts of words, letters, and characters
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Don’t lose sight of your passion for the writing craft. Life is not complete when you are not writing.

It lifts your spirits and brings meaning to your struggles.

You were born to write. Writing allows you to slay the anxiety dragon and maintain your sanity.

Negative mind fields appear when you lose sight of your goals. Nobody said the writing life was easy.

Patience and determination will get me to the finish line.

Give yourself permission to fail. Don’t compare your work to others.

Make deadlines, prioritize your time, and break it down into small chunks.

Embrace the perfect chaos. Put in the work and make it happen.


How Pain from your Past Can Make You a Better Writer

I isolated myself from others out of fear until one experience changed my life forever. Sometimes we let the pain from our pasts determine our future. Until something amazing happens. Our pain transforms us into a better version of ourselves. We become writing warriors and go on to do great things.

Those who have great wisdom must all the more be humble and unassuming, just like the rice stalk that bows under the weight of ripe grain
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1. A selfless passion

The pain from my past was a burden until I found a way to heal my heart through writing. It taught me that struggle is what unites and connects us. Writing for the passion and to heal helps a great deal. I have a tendency to burn out and procrastinate after awhile. The one method that sparks inspiration the best is writing for a purpose above your self. One simple goal makes your writing soar: help one person. It will breathe new life into your writing.

2. Bits of wisdom

Writing allows you to turn pain into bits of wisdom that can bring positive change to the world. As the pen strikes the page, each word can lift you up and bring meaning to your life. Bad experiences don’t have to hold you back. Writing daily helps you step out of your comfort zone. All experiences have nuggets of wisdom in them. Past experiences put your life and the world into perspective. You learn many valuable lessons.

3. Confidence becomes habit

Maintaining my sanity is a constant battle. My anxiety has a tendency to overwhelm me in life at times. My swarming chaos of thoughts and ideas has a purpose. I’m a fearless writing maniac. The fear and pain became writing confidence through repetition. I’m no longer afraid to express myself or accept a challenge. Nothing can stop me from following my dreams.

4. Expands your mind

Writing daily processes your thoughts and ideas at a deeper level. With every pen stroke, you explore your potential to become a better writer. Problems become solutions and pain transforms into strength and motivation. You make stronger connections with others because pain is universal. You want to help others overcome their obstacles. The key attributes of a great writer are: curiosity, boldness, and open mindedness. Struggle and pain improve these key attributes.

5. Clear and focused

Struggle can break you down to the essence of life’s beauty. Writing to find meaning becomes your driving force in life. Writing allows you to understand how your mind works in sharper detail. You write about what’s in your heart. The more you write, the more powerful your ideas become. The pain fades and the bright shine in your eyes returns.

How have you harnessed the power from the pain of your past? How have the negative become positives in your life?  

Share in the comments. 


What do you stand for?

Why is Donald Trump so popular? Because he’s such a winner and a gentlemen. No. We are angry with the dirt bag politicians who betray us and we fear for America’s future. Trusting a politician is like putting your trust in a crack head with your life savings. We want an outsider to make this country great again. It’s time for the American people to get the win.

Popularity is the problem

Fear and anger is the popular emotion fueling our hearts in this country. Donald Trump is feeding off our anger like a bloodsucker. Slim ball politicians gain popularity by manipulating our emotions.

Popularity is destroying society. It’s time to wake up!   

My pursuit of popularity stole my identity and drained the hope from my soul. It led me to a dark place of isolation and pain. The ache in my heart to belong created a rage towards myself.

“Why do you want to be popular when it’s tearing you up inside?”_

Emotion is like chemistry; it can be fatal without the right combination.  It requires reason to become a force for good. Our emotions can corrupt our decisions and we overlook facts, logic, and reason.

Return to principles

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself; nothing, but the triumph of principles.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I looked to others for validation of my self-worth. I couldn’t find the meaning to my life and it brought me misery.

It became clear to who I am when I explored what I stand for. Staying true to who you are creates a stronger connection with people.

I stand for honor, honesty, integrity, respect, family, and love. I believe in the American principle of freedom of the individual, liberty, and justice.

Donald Trump stands for Power, Arrogance, Anger, Vengeance, and Vanity.

Can you align yourself with those principles? 

Trump is vindictive towards those that don’t agree with him. His obsession with his own self-importance trumps respect for others and integrity.

You can’t trust a person if there actions and words don’t support quality principles.

We must remain strong and stand for our quality principles. Our principles and values give our life meaning and bring people together.

Challenge beliefs to a duel

We want the pain to stop and we turn to emotions like anger for a quick fix. This leads to betraying our principles and values.

How far do we push our minds on a daily basis? 

Our minds need a daily boot camp to challenge our minds and beliefs to break us down and build us back up again.

We can make this country great again by standing for integrity and freedom.

That is why we must stand with those who fight for Our Constitution.

It’s unpopular but it’s the right thing to do.

Will you join me and stand for what’s right, even when it’s unpopular?