Words I Live By Series: Faith

Without faith we are lost souls without a compass to point us in the direction of our final destination.  Faith in yourself will put you on top of the world, combined with faith in God strengthens your heart and soul beyond your wildest dreams.

Faith in God is the most magnificent high there is in life; crack and alcohol will get you high on the fast track to the grave but beyond the grave is another story.  Accepting Christ into my heart and into my life, blessed my soul with inner strength to run marathons with my mind.  I was brought into this world flawed physically so that I can teach the world to appreciate the world around them, to come together in search of greater meaning and peace.

It is through my faith in Him that allows me to live my life with a higher sense of peace and understanding a step beyond minimalism; I can overcome any hardship that comes my way because God has my back.  My faith in Christ tested me many times throughout my life but deep down in my heart and soul, my faith in Our Lord and Savior has never waivered.

The strength of my faith in Our Lord is unmatched beyond words, even though it has been about ten to fifteen years since I went to church, being more worthwhile to strengthen your inner faith with God.  I do not consider myself religious because religion can be used as an institution for financial gain and control.

Going to church does not make you right with the Lord, it comes from within your heart.  A pastor or preacher praying for you and reciting scripture does not do the same justice as taking the time to pray to God directly, exploring His love on your own journey.  In the end, it is your personal relationship with Christ that matters.

I have never read the Bible, scripture has been read to me, but I never got around to reading the Bible.  Does that make me a bad Christian?  Maybe. Or, it could simply mean that I’m easily distracted.  I would like to read more about stories from the Bible because they are fascinating and you can learn a lot from the stories.

I’m by no means the perfect Christian nor do I aspire to be but I try to do right by others to the best of my ability.  Perfection cannot be attained as a human being; we can only accept each other’s harmless flaws and work together to make the world a better place.  I’m a perfectly flawed human being with a heart and God on my side.


Observe, Understand & Control your Ego

It is an important thing to believe in yourself and realize you can accomplish anything you put your mind to because only you can put things into motion to reach your dreams.

The only way to reach your dreams is to have confidence in your abilities and your potential to do great things with your life; you also need to embrace your inner drive, your ego, that determination, and positive attitude.

Having confidence is a good thing and sometimes you have to stroke your ego, but you need to acknowledge that your ego is present, try to understand and observe how your ego is working because sometimes you need to step back a moment, to put your ego in check.

You need to realize that the world does not revolve around you and it is more important to think about others, not just yourself.  Loving yourself is a great thing, but you don’t have to be constantly telling everybody how awesome you are.

Cockiness and bragging all the time gets old really fast, people get tired of it; sharing ideas, interests, and passions is a much more rewarding experience for everybody.

If you are confident that you are excellent in your career or job, that is good but remember that nobody is perfect and there is always room for improvement.  Set aside your pride and realize that you are not perfect; you have to adapt, and embrace improving your self.  There is never only one universal answer to a problem; sometimes your way is not always the best solution to all problems in all situations.

Pride can be a good thing or a bad thing.  It is good to be proud of your heritage, but you have to respect other cultures, ethnicities and not forget the importance of respecting the country where you live.  Pride can be a problem when you become arrogant and start to feel superiority over others.

If you observe how you treat other people and focus on doing right by others, the world becomes a much more pleasant place to be.  It is much more fun to enjoy life by being chill and enjoying others company, than trying to start fights and give people attitude.

Always remember to observe the world around you and take plenty of time to look past yourself, learn from past mistakes, and accept ways to improve.