Words I Live By Series: Honesty

Honesty is the ultimate test as a human being because a lie can be more convenient than the truth.  When a woman asks a man, “Do you think I look fat in this dress?” If you are a smart guy and value your life you will say, “No, you look great, honey!”  No matter your opinion, you want your woman to feel good about her self so you make up a small lie to comfort her.

If you want to go on a short vacation from work you call your boss and tell them in a sick voice, “Hi John, I’m sorry but I cannot come in today because I’m feeling really sick.”  Another popular small lie goes like this, “I really like you and everything but we are just not working out. It’s not you, it’s me.”

The truth can be difficult to hear, when you speak your mind some people will attack you because they simply dislike or strongly disagree with your opinion but the truth will set you free.

The best relationships are those built on love, trust, and respect.  You cannot have one without the other.  When you love somebody you must respect them enough so they can trust you with their opinions and thoughts.  It is selfish to expect your loved ones to shackle up their true self just to please you.  Nobody wants to walk on eggshells to avoid your verbal attacks.

Sometimes small lies seem fine since they are not hurting another person physically or mentally but it is highly imperative that you be honest to the best of your ability, in all situations.  When you become too comfortable with lying, you start to get out of control with the lying and before you know it, you start believing your own lies.  Next comes having no problem cheating on your wife, girlfriend, family, friends, employer, taxes, etc.

You can only lie, cheat, or steal for so long until it starts catching up to you.  Before you end up in jail, seriously injured or dead you have to realize that the world does not revolve around you.

The worst lie you can tell is the one that does wrong by your family, friends, and significant other.  Why would you wrong those that you love and who put their trust in you?  Lies and deceit can only bring you temporary gratification until you end up alone and depressed.

Life becomes a significantly better place when you accept the honorable mission of honesty, which involves treating those around you with respect by accepting their differences of opinion, living together in a peaceful serenity, sharing thoughts freely without having your throat being ripped out.


Lessons Learned from Season Finale of House

The show, House on Fox ran its last episode Monday about the crazy, sarcastic, narcissistic, vicodin addict doctor named Gregory House.

Some people did not like watching House because Dr. House was not an accurate portrayal of how a doctor should act and behave.  Dr. House was not your average doctor and no doctor in the real world could have gotten away with the shenanigans he pulled at the hospital he worked at.

You have to look past total realism and focus on the human interaction going on with the characters.  Dr. Gregory House is a nut case that is very entertaining and amusing to watch the way he interacts with the characters around him.  There are always a lot of laughs. He has the kind of personality that you cannot help but love.

Dr. House was the best at diagnosing illnesses and saved many lives with his crazy unorthodox ways, an unordinary hero.  You can understand that he deep down really does care about people; he just has a twisted way of showing it.  A nutcase can be a hero too.

The show had been a lot fun over the years, but it was definitely time for the show to come to an end.  All good things must come to an end.  I think they did a great job with how they executed the finale of House.

The finale was really introspective for Gregory House because he knew that his best friend was dying from cancer and he thought that he would be alone and more miserable with the pain he has to deal with on a daily basis.  He was at his worst and he was losing control slipping into a depression, pondering suicide.

House was on parole and he pulled off a prank on his boss that flooded his office and did a lot of damage to the hospital.  He was going to have to pay the piper, to face the reality of not caring about the consequences of his actions.

Dr. House was going to have to go back to prison for six months when his best friend only has about five months to live.  He was pushed over the edge and he was not sure how much more of life he could take.

Gregory House ends up in a crack house getting high with one of his patients he could not cure.  The patient overdosed on heroin next to him and Dr. House ends up trapped in the building because a fire is burning hot and incinerating the house.

House was about to give up from escaping until the last minute when he narrowly escapes through the back of the burning building.  The firefighters pull a body from the rubble and everybody thought Dr. House was dead, including his co-workers and team of doctors.

As Dr. Wilson is giving his eulogy speech in front of everybody at Gregory House’s funeral when he gets a text message that said, “SHUT UP YOU IDIOT.” He knew that it had to be his loving friend Gregory House.

House asks Wilson what he wants to do for his last dying wish so they get on two motorcycles and start their journey across the States off to wherever the journey takes them.  The show ends with them riding off into the countryside together.  It was a powerful message to end the show in such a classy fashion.

House was a selfish S.O.B and he pulled of the greatest self-less act possible, he gave up everything to be there for his friend, Dr. Wilson during his dying days.  It takes heart to make such a monumental sacrifice for your best friend.

House as a show reiterates the importance of friendships and relationships with other people.  It shows how great it feels to always having your friends back and doing everything you can to help your friends.  The greatest gift you can give somebody is lifting their spirits by bringing a smile to their face.


Observe, Understand & Control your Ego

It is an important thing to believe in yourself and realize you can accomplish anything you put your mind to because only you can put things into motion to reach your dreams.

The only way to reach your dreams is to have confidence in your abilities and your potential to do great things with your life; you also need to embrace your inner drive, your ego, that determination, and positive attitude.

Having confidence is a good thing and sometimes you have to stroke your ego, but you need to acknowledge that your ego is present, try to understand and observe how your ego is working because sometimes you need to step back a moment, to put your ego in check.

You need to realize that the world does not revolve around you and it is more important to think about others, not just yourself.  Loving yourself is a great thing, but you don’t have to be constantly telling everybody how awesome you are.

Cockiness and bragging all the time gets old really fast, people get tired of it; sharing ideas, interests, and passions is a much more rewarding experience for everybody.

If you are confident that you are excellent in your career or job, that is good but remember that nobody is perfect and there is always room for improvement.  Set aside your pride and realize that you are not perfect; you have to adapt, and embrace improving your self.  There is never only one universal answer to a problem; sometimes your way is not always the best solution to all problems in all situations.

Pride can be a good thing or a bad thing.  It is good to be proud of your heritage, but you have to respect other cultures, ethnicities and not forget the importance of respecting the country where you live.  Pride can be a problem when you become arrogant and start to feel superiority over others.

If you observe how you treat other people and focus on doing right by others, the world becomes a much more pleasant place to be.  It is much more fun to enjoy life by being chill and enjoying others company, than trying to start fights and give people attitude.

Always remember to observe the world around you and take plenty of time to look past yourself, learn from past mistakes, and accept ways to improve.