Road to Happiness

My physical limitations became the scope of my sniper rifle to view life as endless blessings.

Before I saw the beauty in life, self-hate led me to a dark, desolate place.

I’m chipping away the excess stone to find the masterpiece within like Michelangelo.

Michelangelo, Moses, from the Tomb of Pope Julius II
CC Image by Richard Mortel

I became the lens of a video camera observing the world without participating. I refused to accept myself and believe in my abilities. I avoided socializing and school events.

I wanted to be one of the dudes and bang lot’s of chicks.

I turned to porn to fill the empty void within my heart and escape from reality.

Watching porn is an exciting ride until the coaster runs off the track into the abyss of addiction.

Junior High: I’m on the library computer to catch up on homework but I’m looking at naked ladies on the Internet instead. I use stealth by rotating the screen because nobody is looking. Think again, you horny bastard!

Pleasure and fantasy is a mask to the truth of porn. The habit brings you temporary satisfaction but you feel worse afterwards.

You end up in a vicious circle and you lose control. The porn imagery ingrains into your mind mind like x-ray vision.

The Big Lies of Pornography:

  • It’s a normal masculine activity
  • It won’t hurt anybody
  • You can quit anytime
  • Sex is more important than love

I’ve taken a stand against my addictions. Sexual obsession tears away at your heart until there is nothing left but a hollow, incomplete core. A surge of freedom and clarity arose from ending the porn fix.

I live by honor, integrity, and love. I cannot live by integrity in the clutches of addiction. Love is the only substance powerful enough to release the radiant glow within my heart.

Love is what fills my heart with joy and brings the beauty to my life. Love is what will complete me when I find a sweet, beautiful, and intelligent woman to spend the rest of my life with.

Exploring the depths of the love in my heart brings me closer to God. I fought becoming closer to Him because it’s not cool to have the Jesus nut label.

My mom introduced me to Jesus Christ as a child but my pursuit of happiness became distorted when I didn’t focus on love.

I will no longer hold back what’s in my heart. I’m going to stay true to myself.

If I deny the love in my heart, I deny who I am and God.

What’s a greater expression of love than God’s Son giving His life for Our Sins?

Here’s what I know:

  • I’m at peace and free from negative energy when my mind focuses on God.
  • My mission is to encourage others to see their struggles as gifts to help others.
  • Love is what gives life meaning by bringing people together.

Are you ready to be courageous leaders by encouraging others to do what’s right and love one another?


Mini-Review of 5 Steps to Encouragement

Giving or receiving encouragement has not always been easy, I’ve not always believed in myself.  When people would encourage me or complement my strengths, I would discount it and refuse to believe it.

A friend and fellow Tribe Writer, James Prescott from the U.K. wrote a powerful, bold, inspiring call-to-action called, “5 Steps to Encouragement.”

It’s a short, elegant and gripping ebook that let’s you re-discover the art of encouragement, highlighting the importance of encouraging others and receiving encouragement.

5 Steps to Encouragement Cover
James Presscott – 5 Steps to Encouragement

“Encouragement is truth presented to others in the exact way it needs to be heard, at the precise moment a person needs to hear it.”

In school, I never believed in the qualities that encompassed my strengths to realize my potential and the endless possibilities that existed for me.

I falsely believed I was alone and nobody would accept me, an intense paralyzing fear that if I put myself out there by socializing with my peers, I would be rejected.

In the morning on snack breaks, the computer lab was my safe haven while my peers were socializing.  Flash back to middle school, playing a multi-player tank computer game where you form alliances, build bases, and attack each other.

It was I against the world; the other kids would call me a loaner and other unpleasant things.  It stung like an army of brutal and relentless fire ants attacking both of my flanks.

My life was obscured through lies; I required truth to set me free.  My friends were in sight but my fears controlled my actions.  I needed an encouraging friend to lift me up.  God was listening.  The Judge became my hero, Judge Judie.

“It is opening the eys of others to the truth – they are amazing and precious works of art with the power to change the world.”

Judie was my aide since junior high through high school, one of my best friends, mentor, life coach, and my Encouragement Enforcer.

She would tell me what I needed to hear in the purest form without restriction or hesitation.  Judie has always spoken to me honestly from the heart to light a forest fire under my buns to help me grow and overcome adversity.  She revived my soul and spirit to believe in myself again.

“Authentic encouragement isn’t always saying something positive. It is saying what someone needs to hear. Not just a word or action to make them feel better.”

It has become much easier for me to receive encouragement and take it to heart instead of lock it away and throw out the key to release the treasures of my soul.

Crawling out of my shell has taught me not only to embrace words of encouragement, to be an encouraging force as a Determined Soul and a truth-teller to help others grow.

Are you ready to change the world as an encourager?

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Action is my ONE Word for 2013

The ONE word for 2013 which courses through my blood stream and to the depths of my heart and soul is ACTION!

I always strive to be a Man of Action but my mind becomes my own worst enemy. All us guys want to be a smooth dude like Russell Crowe in 3:10 to Yuma or Antonio Banderas in Desperado.

I must take action instead of deeply processing negative thoughts. For this year of immense potential in 2013, I will be a Man of Action without hesitation no matter how much fear tries to sabotage my positive actions.

I have writing that I need to share with the world! No excuses. My Determined Soul manifesto won’t write itself. Act. It’s that simple.

 action active boat danger excitement kayak
Creative Commons by PublicDomainPictures

When I take my time and go with the flow, the fewer problems I have when I need to take action.  Becoming lost in thought is a challenging hurdle for me to overcome in this distraction-laden world.  Words mean nothing when we fail to take action.  Take guidance through your intuition (that gut feeling) and use common sense when making decisions, never failing to take positive action.

Positive actions make the world a better place while negative actions tear the world apart.  The worst decision a person can make in life is no decision. Life is too short to live in fear from doing great things with our lives.

Steve Jobs was a Man of Action. He never gave up or accepted no for an answer even when the company, Apple Computer he co-founded and loved deep within his heart and soul pushed him out as CEO.

Did Job’s call it quits and give up all hope?

No, he moved on to start NeXT Computer and bought Pixar, the computer graphics division that produced the highly acclaimed animated film, Toy story.

Without Job’s actions and determination, could Apple have survived the John Sculley disaster and resurrect Apple from the grave when he came back to Apple in 1996?

Most likely, NO. NeXTSTEP became the Mac OS X operating system we know today and take your pick: iPod, iTunes, MacBook, iPhone, or iPad.

Steve Jobs accomplished his goal to make a dent in the universe.

Let’s all make a mark in this world through positive action and determination to make a difference in others lives!

Are you ready to take positive action? 

What is your ONE Word for 2013 and what actions are you taking in 2013?

Share in the comments.