How To Awaken Imagination to Kick Ass In Life

The 2017 American election year has shown how we are getting caught up in the turmoil around us. The uproar of anger and violence has further divided us as a country. Life is too short to fall into the trap of negative emotion. There is a better way. You can use all that energy to make a greater, positive  impact in the world. This world needs a leader like you to show others the way.
Coloring Book for Adults

Narrow the focus to life’s essence

It’s now more important than ever to awaken our imaginations from childhood. That’s how come back together to lead a kick ass life.

 Do you remember how you wanted to be superhero as a kid?
I wanted to be batman and G.I. Joe. Our imaginations as kids run wild. Nothing could crush our dreams. We aren’t afraid to be who we are. Running around in my birthday suit as a child didn’t bother me the slightest. We didn’t care what other people thought of us.
As we get older, we start to put the opinions of others in high regard. Many times the opinions of others determine our own worth.

Let your imagination guide you

We weren’t afraid to explore where our imagination took as kids. We created artwork of funny looking stick figures and a chaos of color. Nothing could stop us from doing what we love.
The creativity within our soul has been there since childhood. It’s our job to unleash this passion within our bones. Pour your heart and soul into your life’s work.
Free our minds to explore where our imagination takes us. Let go of the negative emotions. Allow your imagination to carry you in unexpected directions. Creativity inspires us when we least expect it.

Focus on the passion

Kids are the greatest at staying focused on the moment. They hyper focus with a smile on their face. I could play Nintendo for hours without worry or stress interfering with the task.
Focusing on the moment is a battle of creative momentum. Doubt creates an untamable beast of procrastination. It restricts our creative process. Deadlines take a death knell when we doubt ourselves.
Trust every step and the beauty will shine through. Let your instincts be your guide.

Question with determination

We were curious about the world around us as kids. Curiosity drove us to question with unrelenting power. We grasped the incredible power of ‘why’ with our whole heart.
As adults, we prefer to stay in our comfort zones and stop asking questions. It’s not worth our time. It’s easier to believe that we have everything figured out. We don’t appreciate people challenging our beliefs. We don’t want to be wrong. It takes courage to admit that we don’t have all the answers.
Our perceptions feed off fear and a closed mind. Perception takes over the moment we stop asking questions. There is intense freedom in a simple question: What facts are missing? The greatest lies have some truth added to the mix to deceive you. Perception is the enemy of truth and imagination.
To defeat perception, put your mind through a daily bootcamp:
  • Don’t be quick to accept a truth. You may hear or read something that supports your beliefs. Be sure it’s accurate information. Truth doesn’t always present itself on a silver platter. We must search and uncover it.
  • Read on a topic you’re unfamiliar with. The goal is to spark our curiosity about a variety of topics that we may disagree with. This will lead us to pushing our mind to it’s limits to gain wisdom. Search for knowledge in history, facts, and the great minds of the past.
  • Get your news from a variety of sources. Many of us watch or read the news from one or a few sources that we trust. Validation of our beliefs is awesome. Be skeptical of news with a strong bias towards a certain set of beliefs. Make sure you’re getting the facts, not nonsense.

Reach the core of their heart

We had friends from many different backgrounds as kids. Ethnicity or economic class didn’t play a part in the friendship. We loved them as equals.
As we get older, we want to fit in and conform to social standards of those we surround ourselves with. We start to judge others and put everyone in a box. Our differences are no longer celebrated.

Connect through our experiences

Our connection to others is life’s greatest gift. Let’s stop judging one another for our differences. Let’s focus on loving one another with our entire being.
It’s nice to have conversations about our common interests and weekend plans with others. It takes a lot of effort to peel back a person’s layers to understand who they are on a deep level.
It’s scary to share our deep rooted fears and painful experiences from the past. But…it’s worth it. Vulnerability is a powerful uniting force.
Finding the points where our stories intersect strengthens our bond. This leads us to listen more without judgement and talk less.
Let’s take a journey to explore life’s questions together.
How has your childhood influenced the person you’ve become? Share in the comments.

Determined Soul Awakening: The Mission

Hello, my fellow Determined Souls. Have you ever felt misunderstood or alone in the world?

I did until I discovered something incredible. The beauty in life is in our struggles. I was born a fighter to overcome obstacles. I fight against my weakening muscles from DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy). I find more beauty in life with every passing day.

In my early to late teens, I struggled to relate to others because of my physical differences. This led me to a dark, isolated place. The pain of rejection led me to seclusion. Social anxiety and depression grasps me with an overwhelming death grip. My struggles became my enemy.

Day 27/365 - Imagination..
CC Image by Caden Crawford

Life looked bleak and hopeless until I met Mr. Baird, my high school English teacher. He’s an upbeat gentleman with a full grey beard that walked with a cane. His intense passion for the written art was contagious. The power of story showed me the beauty in life. I found my purpose by picking up the pen.

As I wrote from the heart, I learned that my struggles and differences are a blessing. Our struggles don’t define us; they strengthen us. Encouraging others and uniting us is the heart and soul of my existence.

The goal of this blog is to unleash our greatest potential to soar in life and change the world. 

I explore how we can unleash our greatest potential to change the world using two methods:

1) Finding the gold nuggets of wisdom in our struggles. By harnessing the power of the wisdom in our struggles, life’s beauty shines with greater intensity. You start to learn how there are lessons in all our experiences. Good or bad. Happiness is in our reach at all times. We understand that our lives are full of endless possibilities. Courage, honor and love is our driving force.

2) Awakening the curiosity and imagination from our childhood. It’s our battle plan against the ordinary. As kids, we believed that we could take on the world. Nothing could stop us. We can become superheroes, soldiers, race car drivers, firemen, survivalists, mountain climbers, etc. Our curiosity to explore the world around us never wore off. We would always ask “Why.” Some people hate others. Why?

I’m a quiet warrior. I’m ready to lead my fellow curious, determined souls on this amazing journey.

Are you with me? 

Find out more about this journey by clicking here.