How to Overcome Five Internal Challenges

One internal struggle I deal with is the hate from the political divide in America. It’s got to the point where I don’t even want to discuss politics with anybody. Nobody is going to agree on everything. Having a different point of view makes you the bad guy. Politics means nothing when we fight over our differences. There are ways to overcome our internal struggles.

Against the Clock

1. Caught up with the label

I’m done with the labels dividing people. Labels seek to define who you are without knowing the full picture. It generalizes things based on your political, religious beliefs, music preference, etc. A label doesn’t tell you what’s in a person’s heart. My curious, skeptical mind and the love within my heart define me. The search for truth and bringing people together is what drives me.

  • Challenge ideas together and don’t stop searching for truth.
  • Don’t judge others. If we’re not searching, we’re not learning.
  • Learn from history. Explore how the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights protect our individual freedoms. 
  • Discuss ideas beyond politics and religion. Ask questions like ‘Where does love come from in humanity? Is all that love in our hearts meaningless? Do we go through amazing things in life to become a speck of dust?’
  • Be kind to others but don’t care what others think of you. It will drag you down to a dark place.

2. Raw truth

How many times do we hold back important, tough things that we need to tell people? I like it when people are straightforward and don’t sugar coat what they say. I’m cool with the fact that the truth can hurt. I’d rather people tell me the tough truth right away. It doesn’t do anybody any good to hold off on the truth.

  • Be real and say what’s on your mind. Say what you mean and do what you say.
  • The Harsh reality is better than a fake fantasyland.
  • Let go of certain expectations you have for people. Sometimes we expect people to act a certain way and get frustrated when they don’t do what we expect.
  • Don’t think you need control over every situation. It’s better to have control of how we respond to situations that don’t go our way.
  • Take the time to get to know someone on a deeper level.

3. Mutual understanding

There is a drive to have people understand you and agree with you. I got different political views than a lot of people around me. I want a person who doesn’t understand my view to understand why I believe that way.

  • You don’t need to convince people your way of thinking is better. Our differences are what make us human. Learn about a person’s story and where your story connects with theirs.
  • Focus on exploring how to become a better person and find meaning in life.
  • Be who you want to be and do what’s honorable. Don’t worry about fitting in. Look for ways to love one another again. Martin Luther King Jr. died to teach us that.
  • Don’t overreact to things people say. Not everybody is open to discussing ideas different from their own.
  • Listen to what someone has to say. Discuss an idea and see where it leads. Look beyond ideas you can’t agree on.

4. Patience

The world seems to move at a faster rate or on a different frequency than me. It appears that everybody has lived ten great lives while my life goes at a slower pace. I wonder if disappointment is trying to teach me something important. My brain is like an overloaded circuit. It processes to too much information at once until it needs a reboot.

  • Don’t ever compare your life to others. Great things don’t always happen as quickly as we want them to. Stay optimistic, do the best we can, and focused on our goals.
  • There is nothing we can’t-do when we put our minds to it. The negative things we say about ourselves are never accurate.
  • Every day is a chance to become a better a person. Trusting yourself and staying determined will get where you need to go.
  • Don’t assume what others are thinking. It will damage your mind.
  • Disappointment is not a symbol of our worth. We can learn from it. Never give up.

5. Amazing

I think about how to write an awesome blog article and end up obsessing over it. Procrastination took over. I want to bring the world wisdom as if the next day is the last. The problem is I have no idea where to start.

  • Your amazing ideas need a chance to build through practice.
  • Work to the deadline or you will start obsessing over the details.
  • You don’t need to make a bunny jump out of the hat with every word. Write what’s in your heart.
  • The goal is to encourage one person, everything won’t be a masterpiece.
  • Let your passion for the work guide you to the finish line.

What are some internal challenges you face on a regular basis? What have you learned from them?


Words I Live By Series: Faith

Without faith we are lost souls without a compass to point us in the direction of our final destination.  Faith in yourself will put you on top of the world, combined with faith in God strengthens your heart and soul beyond your wildest dreams.

Faith in God is the most magnificent high there is in life; crack and alcohol will get you high on the fast track to the grave but beyond the grave is another story.  Accepting Christ into my heart and into my life, blessed my soul with inner strength to run marathons with my mind.  I was brought into this world flawed physically so that I can teach the world to appreciate the world around them, to come together in search of greater meaning and peace.

It is through my faith in Him that allows me to live my life with a higher sense of peace and understanding a step beyond minimalism; I can overcome any hardship that comes my way because God has my back.  My faith in Christ tested me many times throughout my life but deep down in my heart and soul, my faith in Our Lord and Savior has never waivered.

The strength of my faith in Our Lord is unmatched beyond words, even though it has been about ten to fifteen years since I went to church, being more worthwhile to strengthen your inner faith with God.  I do not consider myself religious because religion can be used as an institution for financial gain and control.

Going to church does not make you right with the Lord, it comes from within your heart.  A pastor or preacher praying for you and reciting scripture does not do the same justice as taking the time to pray to God directly, exploring His love on your own journey.  In the end, it is your personal relationship with Christ that matters.

I have never read the Bible, scripture has been read to me, but I never got around to reading the Bible.  Does that make me a bad Christian?  Maybe. Or, it could simply mean that I’m easily distracted.  I would like to read more about stories from the Bible because they are fascinating and you can learn a lot from the stories.

I’m by no means the perfect Christian nor do I aspire to be but I try to do right by others to the best of my ability.  Perfection cannot be attained as a human being; we can only accept each other’s harmless flaws and work together to make the world a better place.  I’m a perfectly flawed human being with a heart and God on my side.


What Turning 28 Means To Me

I have survived 28 years of continuous learning and overcoming all adversity; I am a better person because of it.  Despite 9/11, global warming, global cooling, pollution, H1N1, Auto-Tunes, the end of the world, and having Obama in office, I am still here in this great country of ours.  God bless the U.S.A!  This life has brought me many blessings and I would not change it for the world.

I made it to the big 28 and I feel 28 years wiser, focused, and determined to get more enjoyment and meaning out of life.  The twinkle in my eye has brightened and the energy dwelling within my heart and soul will never dim, only prosper beyond belief.  No obstacle or challenge will tie me down or stop me from reaching greatness within my soul.

I have too much heart and determination in me to go down without a fight.  I have a Spartan army on my side.   At the end of the day, my shield and sword will remain raised high above my head towards the heavens.  Nothing can stop me because God is on my side and my family and friends have my back.  You all give me strength and courage way beyond my greatest expectations.  I am grateful to have you all you in my life, you are my heroes.  I salute you all proudly.

My intense passion for life and writing has got me thinking positively about all the great adventures that are in my future; the world is at my fingertips.   I am more awake than I ever have been in years. There will be many more great epic moments with my family and friends with amazing things ahead of us; The 28 milestone is my new lucky number.

I know my 28th year on this planet will be the best because my life will take significant, positive new directions.  Amazing things are in the works, no stone will be left unturned, and no problems will be left unsolved.  Let’s all take a pledge to keep the party of life spinning while enjoying every moment we have on this planet.

Good luck to everybody & God Bless!