Live Life by the Code of a Spartan

Be a Spartan, when things get dark or difficult, fight in the shade and never give up.  Never surrender and never let anyone try to seize your right to personal freedom.  Fight for what you believe in, for what is just and never let up under any circumstances.  If you die, so be it, at least you fought with honor and courage to your very last breath.  No one has the right to force his or her beliefs onto you to and no one has the right to invade your personal space.

I am here on this planet to enjoy life on this beautiful journey down the road of endless possibilities towards greatness.  Life is too short to be hateful and judgmental.  I never let hate consume my heart and my thoughts because it will get you nowhere in life.  I know I have something to offer the world, unleashing my mind unto the world to solve problems and bring more understanding to many people.

My life struggles and experiences have a purpose to inspire through wisdom.  The determination within my soul allows my struggles to empower me to be a better man by strengthening my character.  My physical limitation brings me greater inner strength because what does not kill me only makes me stronger.   I say bring on the challenges because obstacles are just there for me to overcome, I never run out of ammo, I step back, reload, and the bullets start flying again.  My heart never relents; you can send a barrage of bullets towards my chest but you can never penetrate the Kevlar.  My situation brought to light the importance of living life in the moment, rather than worrying about the past and future.  Life is too short to dwell on the past, that is only fighting something you cannot change or control.

Happiness through meaning is the ultimate goal and negative thinking and action will only be your downfall.  The best choice is to focus on all the great things about life and lead a meaningful life that helps the world someway.  At the same time, you have to take the time to take a step back to observe the world around you.  It is important to forget about money and the troubles of the world, to relax, laugh and enjoy yourself.

I really enjoy making people laugh, playing jokes on people, and getting crazy reactions.  The beauty of laughter through comedy is that it focuses on finding the positive in all life’s events by bringing out the humor in it.  It makes life much more enjoyable and it brings people together.

I always keep my head up and laugh off the difficulties in life and focus on the positive, humorous things in life.  When life throws me curve balls, I laugh it off, and hit a home run outta’ the park.