5 Lessons from Fear the Walking Dead

The new prequel series, “Fear The Walking Dead” has an excellent storyline. Its portrayal of reality is chilling. Compare it to a major widespread disaster and Islamic terrorists like ISIS who’re attempting to bring about the End Times.

Warning: Spoilers Alert!

Know Thy Enemy. Travis still questions whether the zombies are past help. He saw people turning into vicious creatures. He wouldn’t even let his girlfriend, Madison kill their zombie neighbor. People and governments who want violate our civil liberties are the enemy. Guns are not the enemy. They protect our families and civil liberties from evil. The college in Oregon where the recent shooting occurred had one unarmed security guard. A gun could’ve saved ten people. We must name our real enemies, not hide our tails between our legs. When Islamic terrorists are killing thousands of people, I don’t ignore them. Iran chants, “Death to America!” and threatens to annihilate Israel. I take them serious.

Fear the Walking Dead, Fear Begins Here
CC Image by Ewen Roberts

Trust your instincts over your pride. Travis trusts his instincts for once. Nick tells him the story of waking up in a crack house. His girlfriend is chomping on human intestines like a starved animal. Nick wakes up in the hospital, thinking, “Was I high as shit or what?” His mother, Madison and his sister, Alicia thinks he was hallucinating from the drugs. Travis goes to investigate and sees the bloody carnage on the floors. His pride prevents him from taking a weapon. Travis’s cowardice side shines when he refuses to defend himself, as a zombie is about to take a chunk out of his face. The old man, Daniel had to blow the zombie’s head off with a shotgun. Our instincts are useless when we let our ego and emotions make our final decisions.

Think with intelligence before you act. People are seeing the cops shoot unarmed zombies. They start destroying the city while zombies are tearing people apart around them. Zombies love an easy lunch! We’re acting like members of the Living Dead by letting our emotions eat away at your brain like zombies. We must make our decisions using our brains. It needs facts to process information. The heart must be free from hate as well.

Stay informed. The neighbors were celebrating their daughter’s birthday party in their front yard. Do you realize crazed lunatics are on the loose? There is video footage of zombies getting shot by police and not going down. Nobody knows the facts so they think it’s police brutality. We are too comfortable and complacent with our own lives. We need to be aware of the reality of the world, not succumb to isolation and denial. We can’t learn truth by isolating ourselves from different ideas. We must challenge our beliefs daily.

Trust is earned. The military sends in troops to establish safe zones throughout the city. They tell everybody that they’re safe in a war zone of infected. Don’t believe everything you hear. Madison sneaks outside the safe zone. She discovers soldiers in black armed to the teeth with gas masks. Her gut tells her to hide under a car because there might be something else going on. There was a stadium full of zombies and the soldiers realized that they lost control. They abandoned the civilians to fend for themselves. We can’t be giving away trust like fruitcakes on Christmas. Trust is like climbing a mountain. Only time, dedication, and continuous follow through will get you to the top.

Is America going in the right direction or have lost our way? How do you view the present state of America and the world?

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Road to Happiness

My physical limitations became the scope of my sniper rifle to view life as endless blessings.

Before I saw the beauty in life, self-hate led me to a dark, desolate place.

I’m chipping away the excess stone to find the masterpiece within like Michelangelo.

Michelangelo, Moses, from the Tomb of Pope Julius II
CC Image by Richard Mortel

I became the lens of a video camera observing the world without participating. I refused to accept myself and believe in my abilities. I avoided socializing and school events.

I wanted to be one of the dudes and bang lot’s of chicks.

I turned to porn to fill the empty void within my heart and escape from reality.

Watching porn is an exciting ride until the coaster runs off the track into the abyss of addiction.

Junior High: I’m on the library computer to catch up on homework but I’m looking at naked ladies on the Internet instead. I use stealth by rotating the screen because nobody is looking. Think again, you horny bastard!

Pleasure and fantasy is a mask to the truth of porn. The habit brings you temporary satisfaction but you feel worse afterwards.

You end up in a vicious circle and you lose control. The porn imagery ingrains into your mind mind like x-ray vision.

The Big Lies of Pornography:

  • It’s a normal masculine activity
  • It won’t hurt anybody
  • You can quit anytime
  • Sex is more important than love

I’ve taken a stand against my addictions. Sexual obsession tears away at your heart until there is nothing left but a hollow, incomplete core. A surge of freedom and clarity arose from ending the porn fix.

I live by honor, integrity, and love. I cannot live by integrity in the clutches of addiction. Love is the only substance powerful enough to release the radiant glow within my heart.

Love is what fills my heart with joy and brings the beauty to my life. Love is what will complete me when I find a sweet, beautiful, and intelligent woman to spend the rest of my life with.

Exploring the depths of the love in my heart brings me closer to God. I fought becoming closer to Him because it’s not cool to have the Jesus nut label.

My mom introduced me to Jesus Christ as a child but my pursuit of happiness became distorted when I didn’t focus on love.

I will no longer hold back what’s in my heart. I’m going to stay true to myself.

If I deny the love in my heart, I deny who I am and God.

What’s a greater expression of love than God’s Son giving His life for Our Sins?

Here’s what I know:

  • I’m at peace and free from negative energy when my mind focuses on God.
  • My mission is to encourage others to see their struggles as gifts to help others.
  • Love is what gives life meaning by bringing people together.

Are you ready to be courageous leaders by encouraging others to do what’s right and love one another?


Wisdom of the Day: Go with the Flow

When something goes wrong throughout the day or does not go as planned, think of it as an adventure, go with the flow.

Life is much more pleasant when you accept the unplanned events which occur and make the best of it.

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff and stress over something that you have no control over.

If you’re stuck in traffic turn on the music and enjoy it.

If you get lost driving in a new area, take that opportunity to explore, see and experience new things.

If you’re late to the movies, go to a later showing, while waiting grab a cold beer and enjoy some conversation.

Nothing in life is worth stressing over; you’re not going to die happy by stressing too much.  Stressing out is only a mindset; it’s not worth the energy and negative thoughts.

Worrying about what time it is shouldn’t take precedence over having a good time, enjoying every moment.

Planning is many times no fun and sometimes necessary but when you are trying to relax and enjoy a day off from work or the weekend out on the town planning is unnecessary because when you plan something, stress is ready to rear its ugly head.

It is fun and exciting to do things spur of the moment; the opportunities become endless.

Time is always on your side, if you let it.  Priceless moments love to present themselves during times of spontaneity, uncertainty; unplanned events are there to be embraced, not taken for granted.

Next time you’re feeling stressed and disappointed with certain circumstances that you have no control over, embrace the change of events as a new experience to enjoy with the people around you.

Get out there, relax, go with the flow and have the time of your life!