Lost Art of the Heart to Heart

On our journeys, we either seek the truth or we lose our way. I lost my identity because I feared to speak my mind, stand out, and be different.

Viewing life through a different lens has taught me to be a truth seeker and a keen observer of the world.

The greatest discovery is the truth in the heart to heart conversation.

J.P. McEvoy When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know - but if you listen, you may learn something
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Heart to Heart Wisdom

  • Love and respect. It takes courage to love and respect each other despite our differences. Relationships with others is the greatest gift we must not take for granted. Truth cannot strive when we hate one another and remain divided.
  • Connect on deep level. Have honest, authentic conversations free from judgment and ridicule. Ask each other tough questions. Our minds become stagnant when we don’t explore and challenge our beliefs. Listen to one another to find common ground. Bare your souls to find understanding and appreciation for each others strengths. Don’t shut people out when you disagree with them.
  • Learn and Grow. One person can’t have all the answers so we must unite upon principles like freedom and liberty. We grow as human beings by standing for our beliefs and learning valuable lessons from one another. Bring back the childhood curiosity. Be a student of history and think like an investigative journalist. Don’t accept a truth until you explore various ideas and possibilities. Facts and critical thinking are not our enemies.

Be Bold. Be courageous. Lead. Live by Honor and Respect.

No temper tantrums. Leave that shit to the children.

Will you join me and unite on respect to learn about life together?


Art of Reasonable Doubt: Perception vs Reality

Perceptions are only blurred reality that can deceive like people.

The mind is a powerful machine that is prone to malfunction from overuse.

Facts are a valuable; rumors depreciate the value ten fold, spreading the misinterpretation disease.

Believe in the power of fact!

People lie.  Ass Hats assume.

True friends use reasonable communication.

Be friendly; don’t draw your fangs too quick.

Use reasonable doubt to squash misunderstandings.

Life is too short to hold grudges, let go and enjoy life!

Aren’t quality relationships worth the effort?

Simplify life by giving people the benefit of the doubt.


Faith in God Isn’t About Me

Are we lost souls without a compass to point us in the direction of our final destination without faith in God?

My faith is deeply personal to me, my relationship between Christ and I shouldn’t be talked about because it’s a touchy subject.

Isn’t that a selfish way of thinking?

Or, does discussing God sound forceful as if I’m trying to jam the pages of thee Bible down your throat?

I could tell you how my faith in God strengthens my heart and soul but that is not the point God is trying to make.

God doesn’t want to scare you by threatening hell and brimstone but the most important message He is trying to make is simple:

Life is about more than ourselves; it is about what we can do for each other!

Would I be able to teach the world to live with a greater appreciation for life without God’s help?

Should I blame God for allowing me to be born with Muscular Dystrophy and not being able to live a normal life?

No, I shouldn’t blame God or anybody; in fact, I should be thanking Him and you.

God gave each and every one of us a Gift.  Even you have been given a gift from God!

Universally, God has given you and I two amazing gifts:

Each other AND our ability to love! 

We need to express our love with all our hearts to appreciate our family, friends, and loved ones because these are the people in our lives that we can count on and need our help.

Loving those we care about and our fellow human beings with all our hearts is the best way to honor God.

Will you join me on my journey to spread the love around the world with Our Gifts from Him?

Are you a writer like me?

It’s a Gift God gave us to inspire the world!