Wisdom of the Day: Go with the Flow

When something goes wrong throughout the day or does not go as planned, think of it as an adventure, go with the flow.

Life is much more pleasant when you accept the unplanned events which occur and make the best of it.

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff and stress over something that you have no control over.

If you’re stuck in traffic turn on the music and enjoy it.

If you get lost driving in a new area, take that opportunity to explore, see and experience new things.

If you’re late to the movies, go to a later showing, while waiting grab a cold beer and enjoy some conversation.

Nothing in life is worth stressing over; you’re not going to die happy by stressing too much.  Stressing out is only a mindset; it’s not worth the energy and negative thoughts.

Worrying about what time it is shouldn’t take precedence over having a good time, enjoying every moment.

Planning is many times no fun and sometimes necessary but when you are trying to relax and enjoy a day off from work or the weekend out on the town planning is unnecessary because when you plan something, stress is ready to rear its ugly head.

It is fun and exciting to do things spur of the moment; the opportunities become endless.

Time is always on your side, if you let it.  Priceless moments love to present themselves during times of spontaneity, uncertainty; unplanned events are there to be embraced, not taken for granted.

Next time you’re feeling stressed and disappointed with certain circumstances that you have no control over, embrace the change of events as a new experience to enjoy with the people around you.

Get out there, relax, go with the flow and have the time of your life! 


Word of the Day: Trust

Trust is strong word that should not be taken lightly because if you trust too easily you will get burned.  I try to give people the benefit of doubt, to give them a chance to prove them self worthy of trust.

It is the best feeling in the world to know when you can fully trust someone to do right by you in your best interest and not do something behind your back without your knowledge.

When a person tells you they have your best interests at heart, it can be tremendously reassuring or it can be a nightmare straight out of a Lifetime movie where betrayal is a common occurrence.

Doing something in somebody’s best interest is a sticky matter because it can get twisted in what the other person believes is in your best interest, especially when money is involved.

Trust is a powerful idea on its own, but when you combine trust with money it can be a deadly combination.  It is also the ultimate test to determine whether or not you can fully trust a person, some people can justify anything when money is involved.

The problem is that some people are skilled with deception and lying.  Sometimes it takes a long time to see somebody’s true colors, which is bad because many times people will say, “Oh she is so sweet and kind, she would never do something like that!”

Some people are like chameleons; they turn a certain color only when it suits them.

For example, when someone is all friendly smiles and sweet talk around groups of people, but when the sun goes down, watch out!  The fangs are sharp and ready.

What you see on the surface of some people is only a front, a distorted view of what truly lies beneath.  They are also like light switches; they flip on and off their true self, when it is convenient for them.  Their bad side can be well hidden.

Trust is a difficult concept to master and the most significant component to all relationships among people.

Remember, to make sure you fully trust someone but don’t forget to love with all your heart.  The best advice is to treat others how you want to be treated.


Reader’s Choice: Topic is Drama Queens

The one reader comment I received for the Reader’s Choice topic wins for this blog post.

The comment I received was “Why do some women put all their efforts into being Drama Queens instead of…”

Now, this is a controversial topic!  Let me make it perfectly clear before we go any further because I value my life, which is that not all women are Drama Queens!

It is true that ‘some’ women are Drama Queens, but that applies to some guys as well.  No matter your sex, ethnicity, race, country of origin, etc., some people are addicted to drama.

If there is no drama in their life, they will create it because they thrive on it.  Drama Queens always need their drama fix.  Like drug addicts, when they run out of stash, they always want more.  The more drama that Drama Queens have in their lives, the better high they feel.

Drama Queens seem to love drama because they are Control Freaks, they are not happy with their lives until someone else is miserable as well.  Drama is just one method that some Control Freaks use from their arsenal of tricks.

Drama Queens use the drama in an attempt to control through manipulation.  When a Drama Queen is angry and doesn’t get their way, they will use drama as a tactic to manipulate your emotions to the point where you give in because you want to please them or shut them up.

Personally, I cannot stand drama or Drama Queens, I avoid it/them like the plague because life is too short to dwell on misery and make life a living hell.  Misery definitely loves company.

Drama Queens are like energy vampires; they drain all your energy from your body to suck the life out of you.

The only thing you can do to restrict the energy vampires from draining all the life out of you is to run in the opposite direction or limit your words you speak to them because Drama Queens/Control Freaks love to twist your words to use them against you.

The most difficult truth Drama Queens/Control Freaks cannot accept is that the world doesn’t revolve around them.  Life is about working with others to enjoy life together, not against each other.

The question completes with, “Why do some women put all their efforts into being Drama Queens instead of…”(working with others without an agenda).

The answer to that question is because they are addicted to selfishness and control.