Unleash This Secret Superpower to Change the World

My senses are overloaded like a fried circuit.

I can’t breathe.

I’m paralyzed with this anxiety.

My throat is tightening like a Boa constrictor.

Am I going to have a panic attack? 

Why can’t I beat this? 

Snap out of it. Just focus on the moment. Take action despite the fear. The anxiety doesn’t have to win. Screw that. Nothing I do is quieting my mind.

Old Fisherman

I’m miserable. I hate my life. I don’t fit in.

Isolation seems to be the only escape from this madness within my head. I’m absorbing negative thoughts like a dagger to the heart.

I hate being alone. Rejection is crushing my heart.

God. Are you there? 

I feel your presence in my heart. I’m afraid. I want to accept your embrace.

Nobody accepts me.

Why should they? 

I don’t like me either.

Screw ‘em. I don’t need ‘em.

Why would anybody love me just the way I am?

Especially God.

I’m flawed beyond belief. I’m ashamed of the things I have done. I’ve hurt people with my words and actions. I have sinned and given into temptation. Setting a foot in church. Forget it. I would burn like a vampire walking into sunlight.

Can I be a Christian?

I hate religion. I want to be free. I’m suffocating with it’s judgement.

What happens when I fail you? 

Would you accept me then, Lord? 

I’m terrified of becoming a hypocrite.

I want to find happiness.

Is happiness beyond my reach?

I need peace within my heart.

I searched for happiness outside myself. I turned to addiction and perfectionism.

Why can’t I be the person I want to be? 

Happiness comes from within. No person or thing can bring you happiness.

I’m exhausted. I can’t take anymore of this pain.

It’s hopeless. I give up.

This is where the magic happens.

Overcome an obstacle. Easy.

But what do you do in it’s aftermath?

We Are Determined Warriors 

Struggle is our secret superpower. Harness it’s power. Change the world.

The greatest moment of clarity grips your soul in our darkest of days.

Life doesn’t begin until a struggle shreds you apart to your core.

Battle Plan 

Prepare for the worst; fight like hell.

Observe struggle without expectation like a movie without an ending.

Fighting external forces beyond our control is a losing battle.

Don’t survive. Thrive.

Be bold. Be courageous.

Live with a purpose.

Let the struggle guide you to what’s important in life.

Search for wisdom and knowledge. See where it leads you.

Struggle is a Transformative Journey of Grace

Greatness is reaching your breaking point and letting the pain transform you.

“Grace confronts us with the truth of who we are. It strips us bare and challenges us to change. It tells us we are not condemned, but that we are loved unconditionally, just as we are.” James Prescott, ‘Mosaic of Grace.’

Allow struggle to motivates you to find peace.

Don’t let struggle fuel your anger.

Struggles are a blessing, not a curse.

Struggle is creating a masterpiece from our pain to bring hope to others.

Love them. Forgive them. Encourage them.

“When people love us, when we don’t feel like loving them. That’s grace.”James Prescott, ‘Mosaic of Grace.’

Love is life’s most beautiful struggle.

Heartache prepares us for the journey to find everlasting love.

A woman’s loving, sweet kiss upon your lips is beyond beautiful.

Live and die by integrity.

Live without fear.

Don’t fear God’s embrace. I did for the longest time. God loves us despite our failures. He wants us love ourselves and be at peace. That’s why God sent His Only Son to die for our sins.

“The way of grace is this: Finding our value in the fact we are uniquely created children of the devine, loved and accepted unconditionally as we we are, even in the messiness of our lives.” James Prescott, ‘Mosaic of Grace.’

My friend, James Prescott gives us an incredible reminder to the power of God’s grace. His upcoming book Mosaic of Grace releases February 13th.

Find out more info and join the movement here.

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How did you unleash struggle as the secret superpower in your life? How has grace changed your life? 

Share in the comments. 


Determined Soul Awakening: The Mission

Hello, my fellow Determined Souls. Have you ever felt misunderstood or alone in the world?

I did until I discovered something incredible. The beauty in life is in our struggles. I was born a fighter to overcome obstacles. I fight against my weakening muscles from DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy). I find more beauty in life with every passing day.

In my early to late teens, I struggled to relate to others because of my physical differences. This led me to a dark, isolated place. The pain of rejection led me to seclusion. Social anxiety and depression grasps me with an overwhelming death grip. My struggles became my enemy.

Day 27/365 - Imagination..
CC Image by Caden Crawford

Life looked bleak and hopeless until I met Mr. Baird, my high school English teacher. He’s an upbeat gentleman with a full grey beard that walked with a cane. His intense passion for the written art was contagious. The power of story showed me the beauty in life. I found my purpose by picking up the pen.

As I wrote from the heart, I learned that my struggles and differences are a blessing. Our struggles don’t define us; they strengthen us. Encouraging others and uniting us is the heart and soul of my existence.

The goal of this blog is to unleash our greatest potential to soar in life and change the world. 

I explore how we can unleash our greatest potential to change the world using two methods:

1) Finding the gold nuggets of wisdom in our struggles. By harnessing the power of the wisdom in our struggles, life’s beauty shines with greater intensity. You start to learn how there are lessons in all our experiences. Good or bad. Happiness is in our reach at all times. We understand that our lives are full of endless possibilities. Courage, honor and love is our driving force.

2) Awakening the curiosity and imagination from our childhood. It’s our battle plan against the ordinary. As kids, we believed that we could take on the world. Nothing could stop us. We can become superheroes, soldiers, race car drivers, firemen, survivalists, mountain climbers, etc. Our curiosity to explore the world around us never wore off. We would always ask “Why.” Some people hate others. Why?

I’m a quiet warrior. I’m ready to lead my fellow curious, determined souls on this amazing journey.

Are you with me? 

Find out more about this journey by clicking here.


Lost Art of the Heart to Heart

On our journeys, we either seek the truth or we lose our way. I lost my identity because I feared to speak my mind, stand out, and be different.

Viewing life through a different lens has taught me to be a truth seeker and a keen observer of the world.

The greatest discovery is the truth in the heart to heart conversation.

J.P. McEvoy When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know - but if you listen, you may learn something
CC Image by BK

Heart to Heart Wisdom

  • Love and respect. It takes courage to love and respect each other despite our differences. Relationships with others is the greatest gift we must not take for granted. Truth cannot strive when we hate one another and remain divided.
  • Connect on deep level. Have honest, authentic conversations free from judgment and ridicule. Ask each other tough questions. Our minds become stagnant when we don’t explore and challenge our beliefs. Listen to one another to find common ground. Bare your souls to find understanding and appreciation for each others strengths. Don’t shut people out when you disagree with them.
  • Learn and Grow. One person can’t have all the answers so we must unite upon principles like freedom and liberty. We grow as human beings by standing for our beliefs and learning valuable lessons from one another. Bring back the childhood curiosity. Be a student of history and think like an investigative journalist. Don’t accept a truth until you explore various ideas and possibilities. Facts and critical thinking are not our enemies.

Be Bold. Be courageous. Lead. Live by Honor and Respect.

No temper tantrums. Leave that shit to the children.

Will you join me and unite on respect to learn about life together?