Determined Soul Awakening: The Mission

Hello, my fellow Determined Souls. Have you ever felt misunderstood or alone in the world?

I did until I discovered something incredible. The beauty in life is in our struggles. I was born a fighter to overcome obstacles. I fight against my weakening muscles from DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy). I find more beauty in life with every passing day.

In my early to late teens, I struggled to relate to others because of my physical differences. This led me to a dark, isolated place. The pain of rejection led me to seclusion. Social anxiety and depression grasps me with an overwhelming death grip. My struggles became my enemy.

Day 27/365 - Imagination..
CC Image by Caden Crawford

Life looked bleak and hopeless until I met Mr. Baird, my high school English teacher. He’s an upbeat gentleman with a full grey beard that walked with a cane. His intense passion for the written art was contagious. The power of story showed me the beauty in life. I found my purpose by picking up the pen.

As I wrote from the heart, I learned that my struggles and differences are a blessing. Our struggles don’t define us; they strengthen us. Encouraging others and uniting us is the heart and soul of my existence.

The goal of this blog is to unleash our greatest potential to soar in life and change the world. 

I explore how we can unleash our greatest potential to change the world using two methods:

1) Finding the gold nuggets of wisdom in our struggles. By harnessing the power of the wisdom in our struggles, life’s beauty shines with greater intensity. You start to learn how there are lessons in all our experiences. Good or bad. Happiness is in our reach at all times. We understand that our lives are full of endless possibilities. Courage, honor and love is our driving force.

2) Awakening the curiosity and imagination from our childhood. It’s our battle plan against the ordinary. As kids, we believed that we could take on the world. Nothing could stop us. We can become superheroes, soldiers, race car drivers, firemen, survivalists, mountain climbers, etc. Our curiosity to explore the world around us never wore off. We would always ask “Why.” Some people hate others. Why?

I’m a quiet warrior. I’m ready to lead my fellow curious, determined souls on this amazing journey.

Are you with me? 

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