Embracing Change Within as Determined Souls

My struggles are what release the firestorm of passion and love within my heart.  It’s frightening, challenging, overwhelming, and exciting, I love everything about life; the pain, frustration, failures, and strength of our hearts to persevere in the face of fear.

My heart aches not from the sadness but aches from the intensity of the love in my heart that I want to spread like a wild fire throughout the world.

I want to glide through the air with swiftness and speed of an eagle to shoot from the heavens toward the oceans with crazy momentum; touch the hearts of everybody I see to light their worlds with endless passion for life to enjoy every moment; make the world smile to realize its potential, to spark an incredible energy of happiness through our nervous systems like jolts of lightning.  I’m learning to live untethered from fear to be amazing and we can do it together.

Beach Boys "Surfin' USA
Creative Commons by Sam Antonio Photography

We must embrace change within ourselves to be determined souls.  Logical, courageous change is the only way we can reach greatness, learn, adapt, and progress to reach our potential.

Our struggles with changes test our heart and strength.  I’m a fighter; no struggle is too much for me.

Peering into my past, I wanted to live so I had to make two drastic changes to my life:

  1. Get tracheostomy tube insertion surgery to assist my lungs with breathing, which requires specialized assistance with a ventilator. 
  2. Live in the hospital for a year.

At home, my Dad was my caregiver to accommodate my physical limitations being wheelchair bound.

Home was too comfortable with no independence.  I wanted to stay hidden where I was comfortable but I was destined for a greater journey from the passion coursing through my veins.

Transitioning to living in a hospital for a year was terrifying and it hit me upside the head with change!

I told myself, “I want to go home!’ and “Crap, everybody is going to see me naked and exposed!”

I had a few panic/anxiety attacks in the beginning.

Living in the hospital for an extended stay teaches you to become much less shy of people seeing you naked.

Going to the hospital was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I made some great lifelong friends and it took me out of my comfort zone.

Being shy terrified me of socializing with people; I got to face my fears by becoming more comfortable with talking to people. A hospital is a great place to socialize with the staff and other patients.

We can learn from all our experiences and spread the love and wisdom we’ve learned from the lessons in our struggles.

Let’s not let the fear hold us back anymore.  We must tell people how much we care about them and tell them exactly what we need to tell them.

Let’s grasp life by the balls, enjoy the epic moments we have together, cherish the sunrises and sunsets, the waves crashing on the shoreline of a beach and dance to the soundtrack of our lives with our loved ones.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from your struggles?

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