How to Overcome the Most Challenging Aspects of Writing

Parker Sonnet
Creative Commons by János Fehér

Expressing myself through writing clears my soul from all the chaos rattling around in my head so I don’t internally combust.

Reading and writing fills me with a sense of peace and clarity.

My soul shines when I’ve acted upon my need to create.

When my overactive mind firing is off like an automatic weapon, I start to shut down mentally.

I cannot multi-task myself out of a paper bag and when I attempt to accomplish more than one thing at once, nothing gets done.

When I shut off my inner critic telling me my writing is not clever enough, my words flow from my thoughts without restriction.

Comparing yourself to others inhibits creativity

Overwhelming thoughts take over when I compare my writing to other more successful bloggers.

Let it go, none of that matters!

There will always be those who reach broader audiences, self-publish more books, and write more popular posts than you.

Fancy words are not everything  

When I notice that my vocabulary needs to improve that false sense creeps up telling me that my writing is not good enough without fancy words.

Writer’s block is your subconscious mind telling you that your writing is not up to par, shutting off your creative juices from allowing the words to flow naturally.

Negativity is no match for our faith in our abilities

The best defense against negative subconscious thoughts is to accept that you’re a writer with many good ideas to share with the world.

I must not fear failure and imperfection, but embrace it!

I can hide behind fear or share my story with the world courageously from the heart.

You want to construct that perfect sentence that will blow the minds of your readers or attract more people to your blog.

But, we must remember why we pick up the pen in the first place.  

We don’t write for fame or recognition to satisfy our own selfish desires.

We write to inspire and encourage others to pursue their passions and dreams.

There is no perfect formula for becoming a great writer; we practice and bare our souls to world truthfully, letting the words flow freely.

Which aspect of writing is the most challenging for you and what is one remedy that helps you when you’re struggling?  Share in the comments.