In-Between Struggle and Waiting is the Beauty of Now

Waiting is not always easy; it takes patience, contentment, and determination.

My mind tends to wander into oblivion as I’m waiting, unpleasant thoughts weighing me down.  Time appears to move faster than I can keep up.  I need a reset to regain my sanity and get my mind right.

Living with muscular dystrophy is a unique life path and overcoming daily challenges is part of the fight that constantly tests our patience and fortitude.

Everyday I wake up, I keep my head up with my determined drive, and ready to take on the world, whatever life decides to throw at me.  The fight in me never surrenders till the last breath.

Puppers waiting outside of Ost Cafe
Creative Commons image by Clint McMahon

In this moment is where I want to be.

“I believe we all have natural inclinations–things that we just love doing. And we forget that’s also a gift.”

“I try to do my best, but being bad isn’t a good enough reason to not try.” -Jeff Goins, “The-In-Between.”

I love putting these words to the page in this moment, I must embrace the process, wait for the words to take shape; masterpiece or not, I cherish the moment; write for the love of the craft.

Life is about the priceless moments we have with our family and friends.  I don’t care what time it is because this now moment is the epic event I’ve been waiting for.

I’m not thinking about my past or what uncertainties lie ahead of me in the future.  I refuse to compare myself to others; the only thing that matters is this moment.

This moment right now is why life is beautiful and full of amazing memories.  Adventure and excitement is right in front of us when we take the time to savor the moment and enjoy the gifts in front of us.

Embrace the moment and take a journey through the mind of an inspiring storyteller, Jeff Goins.  He motivates us to capture the blessings in the present moment in his latest book, “The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing.”

Jeff delivers a powerful message with exceptional wisdom and energy.  You will enjoy every moment reading this book.  It encourages me to stay in the moment, pushing forward with a smile on my face.

Through all the obstacles that I overcome and the lessons I learn, I become stronger.  I learn the most as I’m waiting for the next significant event in my life.

Waiting can be tense, keeping us hanging in suspense and impatience but when I slow down to enjoy the moment in front of me, the love of life absorbs into my soul.

How do you cherish the moment?  How will you share all the blessings and gifts of the In-Between? 

Share in the comments.

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