Lost Art of the Heart to Heart

On our journeys, we either seek the truth or we lose our way. I lost my identity because I feared to speak my mind, stand out, and be different.

Viewing life through a different lens has taught me to be a truth seeker and a keen observer of the world.

The greatest discovery is the truth in the heart to heart conversation.

J.P. McEvoy When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know - but if you listen, you may learn something
CC Image by BK

Heart to Heart Wisdom

  • Love and respect. It takes courage to love and respect each other despite our differences. Relationships with others is the greatest gift we must not take for granted. Truth cannot strive when we hate one another and remain divided.
  • Connect on deep level. Have honest, authentic conversations free from judgment and ridicule. Ask each other tough questions. Our minds become stagnant when we don’t explore and challenge our beliefs. Listen to one another to find common ground. Bare your souls to find understanding and appreciation for each others strengths. Don’t shut people out when you disagree with them.
  • Learn and Grow. One person can’t have all the answers so we must unite upon principles like freedom and liberty. We grow as human beings by standing for our beliefs and learning valuable lessons from one another. Bring back the childhood curiosity. Be a student of history and think like an investigative journalist. Don’t accept a truth until you explore various ideas and possibilities. Facts and critical thinking are not our enemies.

Be Bold. Be courageous. Lead. Live by Honor and Respect.

No temper tantrums. Leave that shit to the children.

Will you join me and unite on respect to learn about life together?