Words I Live By Series: Change

Embracing change is good but it needs to be an intelligent change.  We need to learn from the past so we don’t make the same mistakes.

For example, trying to change the Constitution of the United States to be more Socialist outside the original intent of our Founding Fathers is the wrong type of change.

Socialism has proven to be a failure numerous times throughout history and our current President doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of learning from the past.  Does the former Soviet Union ring any bells?

Having a routine is a great way to maintain concentration and produce positive habits but the only way to improve your Self is to embrace positive change.  Routine can be a blessing and a curse.

Routine is not fun or exciting, sometimes necessary to complete a task; it’s a balancing act.  We allow routine to help us focus, at the same time; we must free ourselves from the comfort of routine each day.

We must change our mindset to think positively towards our lives to enjoy the time we have on this earth, to transition our train of thought and actions towards getting the most meaning out of life.

I’ve lived in a house for three years with four housemates where we all share a nurse and a CNA.  Living here has shown me how routine is highly overrated because the company that runs the house/facility called Care Meridian has a fairly strict routine and rules you must follow.

Here, we must wake up at 8am, sometimes 5am to get washed, put in our chairs, fed breakfast around 10:30am, lunch at 1:00pm, dinner at 5pm, and put back into bed at 7:30pm.

We all pay rent each month and are provided food that the housekeeper prepares, but the food menu is chosen by Care Meridian.  It gets old pretty quick.  I’m ready for a change in my life.  I’m looking to move on my own because I need more freedom.

Lets do this!  Lets all take a pledge to step out of our comfort of routine and enjoy our freedom in front of God and Country!


What Turning 28 Means To Me

I have survived 28 years of continuous learning and overcoming all adversity; I am a better person because of it.  Despite 9/11, global warming, global cooling, pollution, H1N1, Auto-Tunes, the end of the world, and having Obama in office, I am still here in this great country of ours.  God bless the U.S.A!  This life has brought me many blessings and I would not change it for the world.

I made it to the big 28 and I feel 28 years wiser, focused, and determined to get more enjoyment and meaning out of life.  The twinkle in my eye has brightened and the energy dwelling within my heart and soul will never dim, only prosper beyond belief.  No obstacle or challenge will tie me down or stop me from reaching greatness within my soul.

I have too much heart and determination in me to go down without a fight.  I have a Spartan army on my side.   At the end of the day, my shield and sword will remain raised high above my head towards the heavens.  Nothing can stop me because God is on my side and my family and friends have my back.  You all give me strength and courage way beyond my greatest expectations.  I am grateful to have you all you in my life, you are my heroes.  I salute you all proudly.

My intense passion for life and writing has got me thinking positively about all the great adventures that are in my future; the world is at my fingertips.   I am more awake than I ever have been in years. There will be many more great epic moments with my family and friends with amazing things ahead of us; The 28 milestone is my new lucky number.

I know my 28th year on this planet will be the best because my life will take significant, positive new directions.  Amazing things are in the works, no stone will be left unturned, and no problems will be left unsolved.  Let’s all take a pledge to keep the party of life spinning while enjoying every moment we have on this planet.

Good luck to everybody & God Bless!


Observe, Understand & Control your Ego

It is an important thing to believe in yourself and realize you can accomplish anything you put your mind to because only you can put things into motion to reach your dreams.

The only way to reach your dreams is to have confidence in your abilities and your potential to do great things with your life; you also need to embrace your inner drive, your ego, that determination, and positive attitude.

Having confidence is a good thing and sometimes you have to stroke your ego, but you need to acknowledge that your ego is present, try to understand and observe how your ego is working because sometimes you need to step back a moment, to put your ego in check.

You need to realize that the world does not revolve around you and it is more important to think about others, not just yourself.  Loving yourself is a great thing, but you don’t have to be constantly telling everybody how awesome you are.

Cockiness and bragging all the time gets old really fast, people get tired of it; sharing ideas, interests, and passions is a much more rewarding experience for everybody.

If you are confident that you are excellent in your career or job, that is good but remember that nobody is perfect and there is always room for improvement.  Set aside your pride and realize that you are not perfect; you have to adapt, and embrace improving your self.  There is never only one universal answer to a problem; sometimes your way is not always the best solution to all problems in all situations.

Pride can be a good thing or a bad thing.  It is good to be proud of your heritage, but you have to respect other cultures, ethnicities and not forget the importance of respecting the country where you live.  Pride can be a problem when you become arrogant and start to feel superiority over others.

If you observe how you treat other people and focus on doing right by others, the world becomes a much more pleasant place to be.  It is much more fun to enjoy life by being chill and enjoying others company, than trying to start fights and give people attitude.

Always remember to observe the world around you and take plenty of time to look past yourself, learn from past mistakes, and accept ways to improve.