What Turning 28 Means To Me

I have survived 28 years of continuous learning and overcoming all adversity; I am a better person because of it.  Despite 9/11, global warming, global cooling, pollution, H1N1, Auto-Tunes, the end of the world, and having Obama in office, I am still here in this great country of ours.  God bless the U.S.A!  This life has brought me many blessings and I would not change it for the world.

I made it to the big 28 and I feel 28 years wiser, focused, and determined to get more enjoyment and meaning out of life.  The twinkle in my eye has brightened and the energy dwelling within my heart and soul will never dim, only prosper beyond belief.  No obstacle or challenge will tie me down or stop me from reaching greatness within my soul.

I have too much heart and determination in me to go down without a fight.  I have a Spartan army on my side.   At the end of the day, my shield and sword will remain raised high above my head towards the heavens.  Nothing can stop me because God is on my side and my family and friends have my back.  You all give me strength and courage way beyond my greatest expectations.  I am grateful to have you all you in my life, you are my heroes.  I salute you all proudly.

My intense passion for life and writing has got me thinking positively about all the great adventures that are in my future; the world is at my fingertips.   I am more awake than I ever have been in years. There will be many more great epic moments with my family and friends with amazing things ahead of us; The 28 milestone is my new lucky number.

I know my 28th year on this planet will be the best because my life will take significant, positive new directions.  Amazing things are in the works, no stone will be left unturned, and no problems will be left unsolved.  Let’s all take a pledge to keep the party of life spinning while enjoying every moment we have on this planet.

Good luck to everybody & God Bless!

  • Debbie Leonard

    Robs – have I told you lately you are one awesome dude? It is the strength of your spirit, your soul, that makes you bigger and stronger than anyone else I know. You see life as something you intentionally live, not simply wake up and diddle through the day. Your enthusiasm and determination are two archangels, sitting on each of your shoulders as you take them on the ride of their lives. Happy birthday, Honey. Here’s to many more. I love you BIG! <3

  • Kristen

    Your words are encouraging and full of passion. I wish everyone could treasure life like you do. I love you cuz!!

  • Bob

    28? By those words, I’d say your 108! You must have an old soul. Wish I was there to celebrate your special day. I’ll make up for it as best I can when we get back from Spooner!

  • Ed Leonard

    Robbie- You are amazing.You,In your 28 years,have developed a philosophy for life well beyond those years.Few people ever achieve or even attempt to attain such insight.You have a gift Rob GO FOR IT. By the way HAPPY 28th. Love Grampa

  • Hi Brat,
    You always were the pick of the litter to me! They don’t come any better than you and I feel especially blessed having you in my life. Love, Judie

  • anthony moreno

    Good man… Boys and girls club daycare and Judy…carpas high…etc.